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Well setting a dream desk office is in trend since we all have started work from home.  You can use a dream set up for daily office work to play some games, it’s going to be awesome. Just like many of you, I had my own wish list of things, equipment, and design elements for my desk office set up. I was finally able to achieve it after a lot of googling and Amazon searches. To save you from all the hassle I am going to list down all the required essential items for setting up your own dreamwork from a home office.

Office Ideas for home-Best Tips

1. The first step is space separation

Establishing a fixed place for work and separating it from private life is the first step. If you don’t have space for this, create a small office corner or separate living area. That way you will already be mentally tuned in to your work.

It’s equally important to position the table correctly: it’s best to have a view of the entire room through your seat and not have a door in the back. Position yourself perpendicular to the window so the sun doesn’t shine on your back (and therefore hit the screen) or directly into your eyes. That way you will also have plenty of natural light.

A closed room of approximately 10m² is ideal to set up an office and enjoy this beautiful space. Often an empty room will do. However, other places in the house can be quite suitable, such as the attic, basement or under a staircase. The main thing is to set up your office away from the noise.

 2. Lighting Is most important

The next point is whether you have good lighting. A balanced mix of abundant daylight and indirect artificial light is ideal for the job.

If you don’t have a large window, you can use special daylight bulbs. They reproduce natural sunlight and therefore have a particularly pleasing effect. Unfortunately, most workplaces are dark, which will make you tired more quickly in the long run.

3. Comfort above all

A freelancer who works with digital content spends about 10 hours on the PC. And as tempting as the temptation of the comfortable sofa is at first, it’s still better to work from the table. This brings us to the most important piece of home office furniture: the chair.

It should provide good support for your spine when sitting for long periods of time, and at the same time allow you to change your position more often.

The height should be adjusted so that your feet are completely flat on the floor with your knees at a right angle. When your back touches the backrest. An ergonomic chair is the first step to protecting your health and not causing back pain.

4. Ventilation 

Equally important is sufficient room ventilation. If computers, phones, and printers run all day, the indoor climate deteriorates.

Therefore, you should air the room regularly, for example, opening the window a few times a day. This has another advantage: This type of impact ventilation not only brings fresh air into the room, it also forces you to move.

To further improve the climate in your office, you can use office plants. Special plant species are known to filter pollutants from the air and produce more oxygen.

5. Think of color  Schemes

You may think of a particular color or you like that Philip hue-led color magic. we all have seen those perfect setups from tech YouTubers. Well, we all can have exactly a similar setup. It can start right from Color coding file folders and document holders are also a great way to keep different projects well organized in one place.

Home offices are increasingly used for work and study. Keeping them organized is essential for a well-organized and professional-looking work environment. This can be done very easily by making small changes to create an extremely functional home office.

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