7 Best Water purifier in India (November 2021) I RO and UV water Purifier India

Looking for a quality water purifier that can get you rid of all those water-borne viruses and bacteria. We have come up with a comprehensive list of good quality UV Water Purifiers that you can purchase without hesitation. These water purifiers will not only clean your water and kill bacteria and viruses but will also add the required minerals that your drinking water is beneficial for your health.

Nowadays it has become very difficult to get clean drinking water. Whether it is the supply water in our homes or the hand pump water, they contain a lot of impurities, which are not visible to the eye but can make us seriously ill. Drinking this unclean water inadvertently leads to many diseases, but now there is nothing to worry about, RO+UV Water Purifiers are in a state of the solution to this problem. These bacteria present in your water eliminate viruses and chemical impurities.

Good quality Water Purifiers can cleanse your drinking water and prevent many diseases Today we are telling you about some branded and latest features of Water Purifiers.   You get many more features like RO+UV protection. They also add minerals to your water. This makes drinking water beneficial for your health as well.

Here are our 7 Best Water Purifiers list

HUL Pureit Water Purifier:

It is a Pureit Water Purifier with a capacity of 8 liters. It uses RO + UV + MF technique to clean water. It is a 7-stage water purifier. It cleans the water and many more minerals to make your water tasty. This purifier cleans the impurities dissolved in water. Its real price is ₹25,990 but is currently available at a discount of 21% at ₹20,412.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier:

It uses technologies such as Ro+Uv E-Boiling to clean Aquaguard Water Purifier water with a capacity of 7 liters.  It is equipped with active copper and mineral guards to maintain water quality. It is an 8-stage water purifier. It also eliminates heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses from your water. The MRP will be available at ₹16,499 at a discount of 28% on ₹23,000.

KENT Supreme Water Purifier:

The KENT Water Purifier has a high storage capacity of 7 liters. It can purify 20 liters of water in 1 hour.  It uses RO+UF+TDS technology to clean Water Purifier water.  This water purifier also purifies water by killing water-dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, fluoride and bacteria, and viruses. In this, you can control the TDS level of your water yourself.

Faber Galaxy Pro Plus Water Purifier:

It uses RO+UV+ MAT technology to clean Faber Water Purifier water.  It is a 7-stage mineral water purifier. In this, you get a water tank made of germ block technology with ABS food-grade plastic. The real price is ₹16,990 and will be available at Rs 8,990 at a discount of 45%.

Mi Smart Water Purifier:

It is a 7-liter capacity Mi Smart Water Purifier.   In this, you get RO + UV water purifying technology. It uses only 42 watts of electricity to clean the water. It has UV sterilization that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. You can connect it to the mobile through the app. Its MRP is ₹14,999 but can be ordered at ₹11,450 at a discount of 24%.

Blue Star Water Purifier:

It is a 6-liter capacity Blue Star Water Purifier.   It has RO + UV + UF technology to clean the water. It kills the impurities dissolved in your water, heavy metals, and the viruses and bacteria present in it. Activated on the cocoa also eliminates the smell present in the water. The real price of this water purifier will be available at ₹8,999 after a discount of 35% on ₹13,900.

Aqua Libra Water Purifier:

It is Aqua Libra Water Purifier equipped with technology like  RO+UV+Uf+Tds.  The Water Purifier is fitted with a multi-layer RO membrane to filter the water.  It kills dangerous bacteria and viruses with your water. Its UV+ technology also increases your immunity. It also adds copper quality to your drinking water, making your water healthy.

Last update on 2021-11-28 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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