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9 Best Gaming Chair in India (January 2022)

Looking for the Best Gaming Chairs in India? Gamer’s chairs are perfect for people who value their comfort while gaming. No matter how many hours you’re going to play, you always feel fresh and active. Having said that, choosing a gaming chair is not easy, as there are tons of different brands and models available online. But we’ve made it easier for you. Just in case you are looking for Best Office Chairs, we have compiled a separate List of Best Office Chairs on Amazon.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a gaming chair is the level of ergonomics incorporated into the chair. There are five levels of ergonomics to choose from including racing, sports, high-back, mid-back, and office. A couple more factors to consider when shopping for a gaming chair include price range (cheaper chairs go from Rs 9000 up) and look (they come in many different colors and designs).

A high-end gaming chair will run you anywhere between Rs 15000 to Rs 30000 while a basic one goes for under Rs. 10000.

Before we go into detail about the best gaming chair, let me quickly share our best picks. We have covered a detailed review of each chair in the next section.

List of Best Gaming Chair in India 2022

The gaming scene is changing rapidly, thanks to the availability of fast internet even in the remotest part of the country. This truly is evident from the fact that one can see a considerable number of jumps in Indian streamers on platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. There should be no doubt that credit goes from Youtubers such as Carryminati to even addictive games such as Pubg, free fire.

Setting up a gaming desk is a detailed topic that we will keep bringing from time to time. One of the Key components apart from investing in great CPUs, GPUs, and Monitors are Gaming chairs as they play quite a role if one wants to enjoy relaxing and extended hours of gameplay without feeling tired. Thanks to amazon there are some great choices available and one can have a look at Gaming chair on Amazon for quick reference.

Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Choosing the right gaming chair is a good investment as it can be further used as an office chair to study one. It is also important not only performance but also health largely depends on this. Regardless of why the chair is purchased, for home or office. Today, the computer chair is on sale in a variety of models. For this reason, it does not hurt to find out what to look at when choosing it before buying.

To begin with, it is recommended to determine the main purpose of the chair. It can be used for long-term work at the computer, for viewing various information at leisure, and for playing games.

1. Gaming chair Vs office chair?


Gaming chairs are sometimes also called usable office chairs for the home office. Since individual game chairs are very similar in their most important features, a precise distinction is difficult. The best comparison one can draw between an office chair andgame chair is that a game chair can be used as an office chair.

We leave it individual choice and preference as some of the gaming chairs can look very sporty because of artificial leathers, vibrant colors, and lot of other features such as 4D arms, high back, etc. In addition to this, a typical gaming chair will have a high-quality upholstered backrest that supports the lumbar spine.

However, some functions and features are common to all models we compare:

  • Quality arm support (3D, 4D)
  • Lumbar Support
  • Headrest integrated into the backrest
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Tilt function
  • Quality rollers for smooth movement
The differences between the gaming and office chairs are ultimately in the details, Especially, the lumbar support already mentioned is not available in all models. If you have an order online player chair that does not have this function, it does not mean a restriction of your health. As a guideline, many manufacturers indicate how much time one should remain seated during a day. A cheap gamer chair, for example, is designed for two to three hours, while a professional gamer chair for up to 8 hours of good comfort in the seat.

2. Backrest/Back Support of gaming chair:


A good gaming chair should have an adjustable backrest that can be inclined as per sitting comfort. The headrest should be tilted at the desired angle for optimum comfort along with the height of the chair. The above image shows a great gaming chair that can get inclined from 90 degrees to a flat horizontal 180 degrees. However, it is always advisable to be sure of weight balance as it can lead to the toppling of the chair along with the occupant causing serious injuries.

3. Armrest and Headrest of a Gaming Chair:

The presence of armrests and a headrest is also of great importance. This part is selected based on your own preferences. The main thing is to sit comfortably on the chair. We have found that these models of chairs which are equipped with armrests and a headrest are expensive compared to normal ones. Therefore, if they are not needed, you should not overpay. It is important that your back is in an even position.

4. Sitting Posture:

Sitting-Posture Gaming Chair

According to doctors, it is desirable to have armrests near the computer chair. After all, the elbows must be supported while working at the computer. Otherwise, when sitting in a chair for a long time, a person may develop diseases associated with the spine.

But, in principle, if when working at the computer, the elbows are on the table, then there is no need for armrests.

If the user usually sits at the computer for no more than one hour, then you can opt for the office model. But when a person has to work in a computer chair for a very long time, it is imperative to give preference to furniture with a mechanism. But first, it does not hurt to find out that each mechanism has its own purpose.

These are currently Best Gaming Chair in India

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate  Gaming Chair (GS-734US)

This is currently one of the best gaming chairs available on Amazon. This chair may be the one you are looking for! it will help you extend your limits and give that extra comfort that you were always looking for. This chair is suitable for Height:- 5ft.2″ to 5ft.10″ (157-178cms)

Green Soul Monster ultimate chair comes with a breathable premium soft fabric for better airflow. It provides a cool and comfortable sitting position to keeps the air flowing between your back and chair back support, preventing heat build-up. Once you start using this chair you can feel the real difference between the great quality of its fabric and other cheap fabrics.


  • It has an attractive proper Game chair Look and comes in multiple colors to choose from
  • Comes with Head and Neck Pillow that is made up of Velour upholstery for Super Comfort
  • It has a quality lumbar pillow made up of  memory foam to give you a perfect posture
  • The chair uses the best quality material and is made up of Spandex Fabric and PU Leather
  • Comes with top quality 4D arm support made up of PU carbon texture (4d Meaning it can go Left, Right, front and backward, Up, and down movement)


  • Price may be on the higher side (But we found the price to be optimum, given the feature and trust Customers are showing)

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2. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL1000 Gaming Chair

The Vertagear S-Line SL1000 is the perfect solution for any gamer looking to achieve a truly competitive edge. Its ergonomic design and padding with Ultra-Premium High Resilience foam ensure that you won’t be deterred by long hours in front of a screen, while its innovative technology allows you to fine-tune its settings for your utmost comfort.

The Vertagear SL1000 has a durable PVC and PU leather cover that makes it easy to clean. With a 5-point gas lift system that provides height adjustment, you’re sure to find the right position. The chair features Penta RS1 casters for a fluid ride, as well as a solid steel frame for added stability and strength.

The chair features multiple adjustments, including backrest adjustment, armrest adjustment, gas lift height adjustment, and tilt tension control. The chair is manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure durability, comfort, and stability during use.


  • You can feel extra comfort thanks to the UPHR Foam material used in this
  • This comes with a patented “Slide-in” hardware that allows for a quick and easy one-person assembly
  • One of the top-selling USP is its PUC material that combines the best attributes of both PVC and PU faux-leather into one
  • MotorSport Inspire Penta RS1 caster is best in the segment which will last longer and will always give that smooth scrolling on surface
  • Great range of Adjustable seat height, better than competitor
  • Memory foam featured Lubar support with extra padding for optimum comfort


  • The only con we can think of is its price point, but remember we think premium always demand an extra cost

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3. Green Soul-Beast Series Fabric Gaming Chair

Made from high-quality fabrics and backed with a 3-year warranty, the Green Soul Beast Series gaming chair is perfect for any serious gamer. Featuring an interlocking assembly system, this fully adjustable gaming chair features 3D armrests for maximum support and comfort.

Green Soul Beast Series gaming chair offers a variety of impressive features including an adjustable lumbar pillow, a removable and adjustable headrest pillow for maximum comfort, a racing bucket seat, an adjustable backrest with various lock options.

Overall we can say style, comfort, and function are all wrapped up in a well-made high-quality chair. The Beast Series Gigantic gaming chair comes with a breathable fabric that doesn’t get as hot as other leather or mesh chairs.


  • We really like the quality of the material, its fabric and is more breathable than PU leather
  • Comes with a removable headrest which is good for people who do not prefer headrest, also easier to clean
  • Lumbar Support is also adjustable and removable making it easier to clean
  • We like the racing-style bucket seats, ideal for those long hours working and playing
  • The armrest is 3-D meaning can be adjusted in Height, Angle as well as back and forth, great for best comfort
  • We found great customer support and sales executive were always available to solve and address your concerns


  • Check for local delivery in your area


4. CellBell GC01 Transformer Series Gaming/Racing Style Gaming Chair

The CELLBELL® GC01 Transformer Series Gaming/Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Chair is the ultimate, customizable gaming chair. Featuring a black high-quality PU leather padded seat and backrest. With ergonomic armrests UP&Down and height adjustable, the GC01 will work with any gamer’s requirements – just sit down, adjust and you’re ready to go.

This is one of the perfect gaming chairs one can get on Amazon. This one comes with a large seat area and is best suited for gamers who spend a good amount of time enjoying their games.

Plus you can swivel 360 degrees to move more freely while playing without having to get up. When not in use this chair also looks fantastic as an office chair – it even comes with a headrest! Pick out your favorite

Talking about ergonomics value, it is made of high durable PU leather to last longer compared to most peers.


  • We found that the quality of  PU leather is great and will last longer
  • Removable headrest and height adjustment for that optimum comfort
  • High backrest to ensure proper alignment and support for your back and neck
  • This Gaming/Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Chair is a perfect addition to any home or office requirement


  • Few customers are complaining of  Wheelbase not being smooth, but that can be one of the cases

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5. Pulse gaming GT-09 Gaming Chair

One of the Prominent features that Pulse is its Car-Seat-Like Design, which will find a lot of appreciation from gamers. Like any typical car seat offers ample thigh support along with waist and shoulder pads to provide excellent comfort like any typical racing seat.

The chair is highly Adjustable in terms of headrest which can be easily removed, and massage lumbar pillow, adjustable armrest. The backrest can be fixed at any angle. Users can rotate the knob to use the for a rocking gaming chair functionality

The chair exterior is made using soft PU leather fabric. The specially-treated material makes the chair comfortable and long-lasting.


  • Car seat style design for optimum comfort
  • Highly adjustable, headrest, armrest, and backrest
  • Uses a 4-level cylinder certified by SGS, Durable PU leather padded with high-density shaping sponge, comfortable


  • Pu Leather may not be for everyone as there are non-breathable

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6. ASTRIX Daytona Series Gaming Chair

This Professional grade and perfect quality ASTRIX Daytona Series Gaming Chair has a professional racing bucket seat, adopts the latest ergonomic chair design with a racing bucket seat.

It is an extra higher backrest to save the neck and spinal. The open-cell netback pad offers superior support and ventilation. The cover is breathable and easy to clean. And it is straight for great head support too!

This ASTRIX Daytona Series Gaming Chair has many large reclining adjustments, flexible seat back makes you comfortable resting.

To provide added convenience and comfort, along with a floating effect, it has a 5-star nylon base that is non-compressible and a high-density mold shaping polyurethane foam padding in the backrest and seat.

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7. Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

 Savya Home is one of the reputed brands for office and gaming chairs on Amazon, This Ergonomically designed chair comes with a strong metal frame designed to provide a comfortable seated position. Savya claims that their design keeps you comfy after long hours of game or work. 

Chair armrest and seat height adjustable to  90~180°reclining and rocking. Supports 360°swivel and 5-point base built with heavy-duty; Smooth-rolling casters. This one comes with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.


  • Quick  assembly time of about 10-15mins
  • Breathable Premium Pu leather
  • Easy lock-tilt adjustment with recline angle adjuster to relieve tired feeling and pressure during long gaming or working
  • Removable Lumbar


  • The company need to work to improve its Customer Service

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8. MRC Executive Gaming Chair

For the ultimate gaming experience, look no further than the Predator X Series from MRC Executive Gaming Chair. This premium chair features a comfortable ergonomic design that looks great and provides long-lasting comfort.

It has a built-in lumbar support cushion with memory foam for added comfort, an adjustable headrest, a Racing style seat and back to maximize support, and Stretch fabric for cool breathability.

The seat is constructed with a durable steel frame that is powder-coated in black. This simple yet elegant side chair not only looks great but will provide years of gaming fun!

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9. Sunon Gaming Chair (SGC-FOT-BB)


  • Quality PVC Leather and Nylon material
  • Comes with a Class-3 Gas lift
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs (113 Kg)
  • Retractable Footrest for rest
  • In-Built Massager-Lumbar cushion with massage function by using a USB connection

The Sunon Gaming Chair is a swivel chair that has the design of a gaming racing car seat. It is made of exquisite PU leather and a high-quality sponge. The backrest recline angle is adjustable, which is more comfortable for players when taking a rest or lying down.

In-Built Massager: The Sunon Gaming Chair can provide you with a very comfortable experience of playing games; also, it is equipped with a massage lumbar support that can be activated or deactivated directly from the button on the chair.

Retractable Footrest- This gaming chair is designed for long hours of video games. The footrest can be retracted when not in use for an added touch to this gaming chair.

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How did We Shortlist The Best Gaming Chair for Our List?

We understand, the gaming industry is to explode in India, so is the need for gaming chairs and related accessories.  Having said that, gaming chairs are still new to many Indians and may not rank much to a typical Indian who wants to buy a chair for office set up or even to play games.

It can e attributed to fact that Gaming chairs are relatively new to the market and consequently are expensive. We understand the need to be aware. But this space will pick up soon thanks to various ergonomic benefits and features of Gaming chairs that can significantly reduce the body’s pain, improve sitting postures, adds to your efficiency, etc.

As an average user, one may have multiple questions before purchasing, and we know where they came from. Let us say that for each game chair mentioned above, we conduct hours of study to determine their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Specifications & Features of Gaming Chairs

The research of ergonomics plays a crucial part in making sure that a product is easy to use and benefits users by offering various advantages such as aid or health. Gaming chair, this is valid. You may have noticed that gaming chairs come with features such as recliners that are 180 degrees swivel,  great cushion support, adjustable headrests, Lumbar and back support.

Many models use breathable materials, which allow enough airflow and stop heat from accumulating to ensure a comfortable and long-lasting experience. If you consider this, the ergonomic characteristics are the reason why gaming chairs are extremely advanced and distinct in comparison to office chairs. To choose the most suitable one it is crucial to be aware of all characteristics and specifications that will make the chair distinguish itself in the marketplace.

2. Customer Reviews

One of the most important aspects of our choice is reviews from customers. We are adamant about the experience, consequently, reviews from customers provide us an insight into the performance of gaming chairs in real-world situations and if customers are happy. It is crucial to take into account only verified customer reviews as they are fair when analyzing.

3. Complaints

Although it’s unrealistic to assume that a product will not have any complaints, we can assure you we can guarantee that all the chairs that we have recommended have neither minor nor no complaints, ensuring you get the most enjoyable user experience.

4. Warranty

Gaming chairs are costly We understand the importance of investing in them. Therefore, we provide products with a guarantee. It allows you to receive either a full refund or replacement without the cost of your pocket.

5. Ideal Price of Gaming Chair

We make sure that the cost you pay for gaming chairs meet the specifications. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or office worker, or college student when you choose one of the above-mentioned products it’s worth the cost. So, pricing is another important element that’s an important consideration when choosing the product.

6. After Sales support/Customer Service 

One of the factors that are the most important is the way in which the company provides after-sales support. So, we choose brands that provide high-quality service.

Commonly Asked Questions regarding Gaming Chairs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the sitting ergonomic chair. Knowing these can help you to choose the ideal gaming chair available in India.

1. Are gaming chairs worth Buying?

While gaming chairs are costly Gaming chairs are worth the cost due to their ergonomic features and health advantages.

2. What are the advantages of gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs are the best options for comfortable gaming. It makes you feel better while playing games, taking care of your back and neck, sound system for better sound effects, chair’s appearance to show that you are a serious gamer. 

Apart from gaming, the majority of our jobs require sitting for a long time as well as working for extended periods of time. This type of posture isn’t good for our bodies and especially our backbone. This is the reason gaming chairs are in the picture. They offer ergonomic solutions to our health problems and enable us to sit for long periods without straining our bodies.

3. How long will games chairs last?/ Average Life of a Gaming Chair

The majority of gaming chairs last between one year and five years. It is contingent on a variety of things such as usage, maintenance, and the type of material that are used. Many high-end brands offer an assurance on their gaming chairs, which may last between 1 and 3 years.

Final Thoughts on Gaming Chairs

There are several factors you should know when choosing gaming chairs in India.  Some of these features can determine which gaming chair is right for you. If I have to sum it up perfect gaming chair must be durable, comfortable, affordable, and attractive.

This brings us to the end of this article. We would like to assist you to discover the ideal game chair available in India. Remember that while the chair you choose to play in can be expensive in terms of price, in long run it will be beneficial for your health.

Summarizing our best choice of Gaming chair India, you can refer to the below table to make an intelligent and informed decision on your purchase.

Gaming ChairMaterialWeight CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Green Soul Monster Ultimate Gaming Chair (GS-734US)Spandex Fabric, PU Leather120 Kg3 YearsView Latest Price on Amazon
Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL1000PU Leather1690 Kg2 YearsView Latest Price on Amazon
Green Soul Beast Series FabricFabric and PU Leather  120 Kg3 YearsView Latest Price on Amazon
CellBell Gaming ChairFaux Leather120 Kg1 YearView Latest Price on Amazon
Pulse gaming GT-09 Gaming ChairPU Leather120 Kg3 YearsView Latest Price on Amazon
ASTRIX Daytona Series Gaming ChairPU Leather130 kg1 YearView Latest Price on Amazon
Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office ChairPU Leather140 Kg1 YearView Latest Price on Amazon
MRC Executive Gaming ChairFabric & PU Leather130 Kg1 YearView Latest Price on Amazon
ASTRIX Daytona Series Gaming ChairPU Leather130 Kg1 YearView Latest Price on Amazon
Sunon Gaming Chair (SGC-FOT-BB)PVC Leather, nylon 114 kg1 yearView Latest Price on Amazon

Let us know what gaming chair you’re looking to purchase. If you require further assistance, inform us. We’ll be glad to assist.


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